Association gad
Association Gad-Accueil

GAD. Purpose: to promote, develop, promote, especially through the method of cognitive rehabilitation and reintegration school or with families or disadvantaged in the process of becoming and or people that have difficulties coping and relational systems help restoration of harmonious relations within the family group with the same audience, to convey our methods of work by any means, organize all types of meetings, conferences, with all public, to promote our working methods; all transactions of any kind are legal, economic and financial, civil and commercial or any other similar or related subject such as to encourage or liable directly or indirectly facilitate the aim of the association, its extension or its development ; subsidize the form of donations, association, non-profit whose purpose is advocacy for disadvantaged families. Headquarters: 10 Square Georgette Agutte, 95210 Saint-Gratien. Declaration date: November 13, 2008.

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